My experience with the “Always have something to invite them to” concept

As part of my ongoing learning and development process I enrolled in Michael Port’s 4-Week Book Yourself Solid Intensive program (which I highly recommend for any entrepreneur looking to grow their service based business). In the program he touches on a lot of great ideas but the one that really resonated with me was the concept of “Always Have Something To Invite Them To”.

Josh & Dean - PlumberSEOThe idea is, once you have a tight sales process with a steady flow of new leads coming in to your business from your idea target market you are going to need a well defined process for converting them from prospect to client. Some will do business with you right away but others will not. If you don’t have an ongoing (new) thing to invite them to you are going loose your relevance. Michael encourages you to put on a live (not pre-recorded) group event either via webinar or live meeting.

I’ve been doing weekly webinars for quite some time but they have all been pre-recorded as a simulated live experience. The problem with that approach is that you loose the live interaction and the NEW / Fresh element of the event. There is NO reason from someone to attend that event again in the future. By having a new event with fresh content on an ongoing basis you have the ability to build community and have live interaction with your audience. Initially I was concerned that this would be too time consuming (coming up with a new piece of content, conducting a live meeting, promoting that meeting, etc) but as a thought about it I realized the following:

  • I need to be coming up with and creating fresh content on an ongoing basis regardless. Having a scheduled weekly meeting would force me to create that content that can then be leveraged in a number of different ways in addition to the weekly session.
  • I conduct 1-2 hour evaluation sessions with my prospects on a daily basis. A live webinar would not take any longer than any one of these sessions

So I decided that I should give it a try and run with the concept. I put together the following email blast and sent it out to my customer base:

Subject: Live weekly Plumbing & HVAC Internet Marketing Call

Starting next week on Wednesday June 26th we will be conducting live weekly Plumbing & HVAC Online Marketing calls. These will be short interactive web-based meetings (20-30 minutes) covering a specific & important internet marketing or general marketing topic pertaining to your Plumbing or HVAC Business. During the call we will cover 1 core topic (examples below) and then open up the line for questions. The initial set of Q/A’s will be targeted to that specific topic but then will be open to any of your most pressing / current internet marketing or marketing related questions. You will have live access to Josh Nelson (Author of the Complete Guide to Internet Marketing for Plumbing Contractors) during the call so bring your questions and expect our best answers.

The online marketing world is a constantly changing and evolving puzzle. Things that worked even 3 months ago could now be hurting you. Remain up to date and upto speed with the latest trends and get your most pressing questions answered.

Below is a list of the topics that we indent to cover on these calls over the next few months. We would love to get your feedback. If there is a specific question, topic or trend that you would like for us to cover, please send a quick reply with your suggestion.

  • Google Authorship – What it is, why you need it and how to set it up
  • How to merge you Google+ Local listing with your old Google Places LIsting
  • Plumbing Keywords – Updated data regarding the most frequently searched plumbing & hvac keywords
  • The latest Google Algorithm update (Penguin / Panda) and what it means for your SEO Strategy
  • Video marketing for your Plumbing or HVAC Business – How to’s, examples, etc
  • Website Conversion – what your website MUST have to convert effectively
  • 2013 Q4 Marketing Plan – What you should be doing to market your plumbing business online in Q4
  • Mobile Marketing – Why it’s important, how to set it up
  • Facebook marketing – what you should be doing to maximize effectiveness
  • Re-Targeting with AdWords – What it is, why you might want to do it & how to setup simple re-targeting campaigns to follow your web visitors online as they browse the web.

Register now at


There were a few unexpected benefits that came along with doing this.

1. Having a scheduled weekly session forces me to come up with new / fresh content on a weekly basis (new content is essential), a compelling reason to touch everyone in my email list on a weekly basis, and creates an opportunity share a great live experience including true q/a at the end of the session with my prospects.
2. The content from the webinar doubles as great content for our site and online properties (blog post, video recording of the webinar on YouTue and audio recording for our podcast). This pulls even more traffic and value from the same content.
3. I then have another compelling reason to email the database because they all want to receive the video with the replay (if they attended or not).

While I did not have any “direct sales” from people on the webinar…I had 2 new client (who had been lingering on my email list for years) reengage with me as result of the email communication promoting the upcoming weekly training.

This is what I put out to promote the event’s and where I am driving people:

Press Release about weekly events -

Landing page for weekly events -

My first session was on Google Authorship. Here is how I was able to re-purpose that content:

Blog Post -
YouTube Vidoe -
Podcast -

Of course a separate email goes out for each event with a direct link to the GoToWebinar registration page.

I’d love to get your thoughts / feedback on this and your experience with the “Always Have Something To Invite Them To” concept. Post your comments below.

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