SEO Strategies for using WordPress

If you have a WordPress blog or are thinking of setting one up, here are some things that you will want to do to maximize its SEO Effectiveness:

  • Install the “All-In-One SEO” Plug-in
    • This Plug-In is great for ensuring that you have updated your Title Tag, Meta Discription & Meta Tags on each Page & Each Post.
  • Use a unique Post Title & Title Tag for each of your posts
  • Update Permalinks to “%postname%
    • This will change the URL for each of your pages from for example to
    • This is much more Search Engine Friendly and will give you a slight boost from an SEO perspective going forward
    • To do this go to Settings>permalinks>custom and enter “%postname%”
  • Update your “Footer File” to include anchor text on each page / post that will point back to your home page.
    • E.G. Miami Internet Marketing. This anchor text “Miami Internet Marketing” is pointing to my URL You should add this type of anchor text to your footer file. Pick the keyword that you are optimizing for and add it to the footer.
  • Install the “Database Backup” plug-in  it will automatically backup your WordPress Database and email it to you weekly. This is a really easy way to prevent all of your hard work from being lost inadvertently down the road
    • To do this go to Appearance>Plug-ins>Add New and then search “WP-DB-Backup” and then click the “Install” link
    • Then click on the Settings & Schedule a Weekly Backup to be emailed weekly

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