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Josh Nelson of Plumber SEO recently “WOWed” the members of PHCC- SD at one of our monthly membership dinner meetings. In fact, he brought in the largest turnout of attendees we have seen in a long time, and it was Thursday Night Football. We had 3 non-members attend as guests, 2 of which have since joined the PHCC-SD membership. As I looked around the room, I could tell people were intrigued by his presentation. Jam-packed and full of informative and useful information in less than 40 minutes, Josh covered it all when it comes to internet marketing and SEO!  People were actually taking notes. I would highly recommend Josh Nelson as a speaker for any upcoming event.  A+ in my book!

Kelly Anderson – President PHCC-San Diego

Kelly Anderson - Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Josh.  Josh joined QSC in October 2012 and jumped right in.   He has presented 3 webinars for the QSC membership and he has drawn so of the largest attendance at any online learning we have done.  The members can’t wait for his next presentation.  Josh brings a fresh outlook to online marketing and does it in an easy to understand way.  He doesn’t try to dazzle you with big words, but rather takes his time to explain everything in a fashion that even I can understand.  I can’t recommend Josh and PlumberSEO enough.  Your members will thank you for introducing him to them.  Josh is a pleasure to work with.

Charlie Wallace – COO Quality Service Contractors (QSC)
Charlie Wallace - QSC

Josh Nelson of Plumber SEO is the real deal.  He came all of the way from Florida to Oregon to speak at our convention about Internet Marketing and SEO.  He was a hit.  Afterwards, I saw members with pages of handwritten notes.  We don’t pay enough attention to smart marketing, especially online.  The sad fact is a majority of PHCC members are lost when it comes to this stuff. Josh gave a great presentation packed with usable ideas and insider information.  You could see the lights going on inside their heads. If you want to educate your members on Internet Marketing and SEO then put Josh Nelson on your agenda.

Darrell Fuller – Executive Director, PHCC Oregon

Darrell Fuller - PHCC Oregon

FAPHCC was fortunate to have the opportunity for Josh Nelson of Plumber SEO to speak at our Annual Convention. He was energetic, easy to understand and yet full of new and useful information. His course was highly attended by our members who made remarks such as “Best and most informative class of the entire convention”. He was able to convey valuable information to contractors with a varied range of computers skills from basic to very knowledgeable with each individual gaining something from the course. Josh was very easy to work with from the beginning. We wanted to use the course as continuing education credit for our members’ contractor licenses and he provided us all of the information we needed in a timely manner. I will have to say that his course was the most talked about before convention and definitely the most useful for our members after convention. I highly suggest giving your members value for their time and have Josh Nelson speak on Internet marketing and SEO.

Alysia Story
FA PHCC Executive Director


Josh Nelson is an expert in Internet Marketing / SEO for Plumbing & HVAC Contractors and will educate your members on how they can do more online.

  • Why Search Engine & Internet Marketing is so Important for Plumbing & Heating Contractors in Today’s Environment
  •  How the Search Engine & Search Engines Work (Paid vs. Map vs. Organic) and how they all work together
  • How to Get Your Plumbing / HVAC Business Listed on the Google Map
  • A Proven Search Engine Optimization Strategy for Plumbing & Heating Contractors (Website Build Out Tips, Pages you MUST have on your site & Link Building strategies that work)
  • Unique Social Media Strategy specifically for Plumbing & HVAC

To book Josh Nelson for your upcoming event you can call our office at 866-610-4647 or send an email to josh@plumberseo.net.

Here is what Alysia Story had to say about Josh’s recent presentation at the PHCC Florida Annual Convention:


Plumber SEO Letter of Recommendation - PHCC


To book Josh Nelson for your upcoming event you can call our office at 866-610-4647 or or click here to contact me.